Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yesterday's tragedy in Connecticut breaks my heart. All of the talk of mental health awareness and gun safety is necessary, but so many senseless acts of violence have happened recently that I fear we're all constantly on edge, looking over our shoulders, fearful. Too many innocents have lost their lives, and those of us remaining are forever changed. I don't think that we as a nation can ever truly heal from each tragedy that has befallen us, but I'm praying that our scars will make us stronger and wiser. I'm hoping we can learn from the past and institute changes that will help prevent such events in the future. More than anything, I want a childhood for all children. Children deserve a chance to feel safe. They should be able to play, learn, and revel in life. Innocence should be their right.

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mkromd said...

Hi Jolene - Thank you for visiting my blog and helping Heifer. More than that, Amen to your eloquent prayer for safety, peace and perspective.